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Symphony Assisted Living and Memory Support Community have been the dream of owner, Richard Chavez, for many years. His passion for serving others began as a young man, helping his parents develop a care facility in California for seniors. The focus then, and now, is simple-that people are cared for and cared about.

Why did we choose the name Symphony? Well, it quickly came to us that a symphony is a combination of many different sounds, working together to create a beautiful masterpiece. Being near Music City, a perfect name that represents who we are as a senior community.

No matter where you are in this life journey, we are excited to share our passion for service to others with you.

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Mission & Vision​

Our mission is to support, empower and grow our care staff. We believe that providing a high level of support to our staff will translate into the optimal level of care for our residents. Basically, our leadership team’s job is to “take care of the people who take care of the people”.

In order to grow our care team, we also recognize that as leaders, we also need to continually grow and learn. Therefore, our management team is a mix of highly seasoned professionals in the industry, blended with a mix of fresh, motivated individuals with a heart for service.

About Symphony

Our goal is to exceed expectations and ensure that our resident's needs are being met.

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